IKEA Wishlist #1: Living Room

1. KALLAX Shelving Unit £85, 2. BRAVUR Wall Clock £46, 3. STOCKHOLM Rug £160, 4. HEMNES TV Bench £150, 5. EKBY ALEX Shelf with drawer £35, 6. KIVIK Two-seat sofa £425, 7. LUTTRAD Scented Candle Pot £3.25/3 pack, 8. SKARBLAD Cushion Cover £4, 9. YUCCA ELEPHANTIPES Potted Plant £25.

Much to my boyfriend's annoyance, I really enjoy looking at furniture and houses. I could (and do) spend hours on end trailing through websites like IKEA lusting over new furniture. Until we actually have to move house (our lease runs out in October), Mr. Nomad is not interested whatsoever in giving his opinion on furniture, so I thought I'd create a little series with the pieces I've been looking at on the IKEA website. 

When we move at the end of this year, my mindset for interior will be quite different from before. As we will be moving abroad where it is hot pretty much the whole year around, I'll be wanting cooler colours and less 'cosy' features. I think i'll have to wave goodbye to my beloved sofa throws and fairy lights. I'm definatley not a fan of having every item of furniture from one store as I somehow think it often looks a little one-dimensional, but I like having a few key items which i can jazz up with my own personal touch. I really like having colourful books on show and easily available for people to have a look at, displaying bits and bobs I've collected over my travels and plants in a room to bring in a sense of the outdoors. 

I'm also an avid reader of IKEA Hackers - a website dedicated to the customisation of pieces available at IKEA- amazing!

What kind of interior style do you like in your living room? Do you find yourself coveting over furniture and interior websites?

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