July Favourites

1. Felt Tip Pens - I realise this is a pretty lame 'favorite'. My life recently has consisted of non-stop note taking and typing for my dissertation. I actually bought these pens in Aldi in France for 99 cents, and love that they have a thick tip on one end and a slim one on the other. They makes notes on my noticeboard a lot more colourful.

2. Koko Dairy Free Coconut Milk - I've been steering away from using cow's milk for a long time now since wanting to reduce the amount of hormones I was consuming through having milk in tea and coffee. I've previously used soy milk and almond milk but this is my favorite. It has a very subtle flavor that doesn't alter the texture of coffee unlike soy milk. 

3. Light Summer Dresses - Since coming back from France, the weather in the UK has really picked up, and I have been living in this dress. It was originally from H&M but i actually picked this up from a charity shop a few years ago. It's so airy and nice to wear to keep cool in our sun-filled apartment. 

4. Chocolat Bowl - I actually picked this bowl up from a brocante (French vintage or second hand shops) for the bargain price of 3€ a couple of weeks ago. It's got one of my favorite designs on by Delespaul-Havez, featuring chocolate dripping down onto a table of smiling children (apart from one in the middle who hasn't got any!).

5. White Nectarines - Since getting back from France I've been obsessed with nectarines. The white ones are my favorite- perfect for a mid afternoon snack.

6. Sirup de Citron - I actually bought this in France as well (reoccurring theme!) and have had a long term love affair with it. It encourages me to drink a lot more throughout the day, and the lemon flavour is really refreshing.

Other things i've been loving: National Geographic have great documentaries available to watch on YouTube that me and Mr. Nomad have been watching before going to sleep, Libby's post about 5 makeup items under £5 (really tempted by Collection's Work the Colour palette) and the lovely warm weather we've been having.

Keep your eyes open for my July beauty favorites post later this week! What have been your favorite things in July?


  1. I love Koko coconut milk too, I definitely prefer it to almond and soy! xx

  2. That dress is so pretty! I love the stripes
    Allison from www.mercuteify.com