The Transition From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Today I have linked up with the team at Thierry Mugler to write a post about the inspiration behind the perfume ANGEL and their #BewareofAngels campaign. After doing a little research into the perfume, it actually reminded me a lot of the film Amélie (one of my favorite films ever); the power of freedom, creativity and a real heroine. With themes of metamorphosis and femininity, I decided to write about the experiences or lessons that have shaped me as a woman (feels strange saying that, I still feel like a teenager 99% of the time!). 

Cafe des Deux Moulins, Paris.

The wealth of diversity
I think one of the big things that has shaped me into the person I am today is the environments I have surrounded myself in throughout daily life. Whether this has been travelling on my own to Australia and experiencing the power of independence on my gap year before university, or appreciating the society I live in on a day-to-day basis, it has taught me a lot. After experiencing the 2001 race riots in the city I grew up in, with everyone's cars on our street being smashed and all the men on the street attempting to protect families in the midst of violent chaos, I think its so important to be have understanding of different cultures, faith and people.

I've been quite lucky in that throughout my life I've been fortunate to meet people from all around the world, and now have friends who are French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Australian, Thai, Chinese, Italian, British, Nigerian etc. When I was growing up I was surrounded by such a diverse set of people that I expected nothing less when I went to university and met a whole lot of different people there too. I find it odd that some people never get to experience this, and quite sad. Such a wealth of diversity I believe has enabled me to grow into somebody that is incredibly cultured. Casey has actually written a post about living in Saudi Arabia and the accepting nature it taught her which really resonated with me.

Me and my French best friend growing up. We spent all our summers making tree houses, swimming, being a nightmare to the local farmers and ruining they're straw bails (sorry!) and spending half our time speaking 'Frenglish'.

Acceptance is Happiness
One of the most important lessons, and one I still grapple with on a day-to-day basis, is accepting myself. Whilst this is still something I do, my childhood and teenage years were filled until recently of anxiety and self-doubt. This has by no means disappeared, but I finally had a 'break through' moment in my final year of university in which I became much more confident, and this really did fill me with a kind of happiness I hadn't really felt before. Whilst I was challenged by the things going on in my life, I was becoming happier with the person I was, and my attitude towards everything. I also align this to learning how to respect my body- I was exercising and eating healthily and felt amazing (definitely need to get back on track with that!).

There's a lot of negative connotations surrounding death, and I've had my fair share of mourning. However the one thing that unites my experience overall is the power of life that motivates me at the most difficult of times. Nothing can be so powerful than recognising what can actually be achieved through life. It has inspired me and still does inspire me today to say 'yes' more to opportunities, and to value each day. I find creating goals is a really good way to make sure each day 'counts'. Check out my 2014 goals page to see what goals I'm currently attempting to achieve. 

My lovely Granddad who inspires me everyday to carry on. He worked everyday of his life to give his children the best experience growing up, eventually working his way to the top enabling him to have a comfortable retirement. 

Realising your thoughts create your reality
There is something to be said about positive thinkers being generally happier people, even in the crappest of situations. I am forever telling myself that by being a positive and kind person, that the universe will somehow give back to me. Whilst I am usually disheartened by the lack of positiveness and politeness on most weekends (the joy of working in retail), there's always one person who breaks the mould. One guy I was serving at work asked how I was and I replied "not too bad thanks, how are you?" to which he replied "I'm amazing thank you". I was puzzled at his response; every time I served him at work and asked how he was he always answered with the same response. I decided to probe him. His reply was "I've got nothing to really complain about, and feel if I remain positive, the universe will bounce it back to me in some shape or form". He has now become one of my favorite customers. It's difficult to always remain positive- but it really does help your state of mind and helps put things into perspective.

The quote "Stop watering the weeds in your life and start watering the flowers"
Sometimes there really are situations and people you just shouldn't waste your time with. Whilst I look back on my school years and wonder why I wasted so much time caring about what people thought of me, this lesson has kept with me until the present day. It is never good to be around people who drain positivity or suffocate your abilities to be a confident and individual person. Detoxing negativity and surrounding yourself with supportive and positive people can truly make a massive difference to your well-being. This means all your efforts can be put into the people you really respect and who really care about you.

One lesson that I'm beginning to understand is...
No one actually knows what the heck they're doing half of the time. A lot of things happen by chance and planning doesn't necessarily mean everything will go the 'right' way but these experiences are the ones that take you by surprise and shape you as a person. Just because you don't know what you're doing doesn't mean you're a failure! I've had a few plans in the past couple of weeks fall through meaning I'm not 100% sure about my plans for the near future. However, I'm attempting to go with the flow in the hope something will work out. I think one thing that really makes you into a strong person is the ability to adapt to situations. Once one door closes, another one opens...
I actually used to live opposite a silk museum and it always surprised and amazed me how beautiful the silk worms would become when they transformed into delicate moths all with their individual characteristics.

I hope you enjoyed reading about some things that have shaped me to become the person I am today.

I'd love to know what are the things that have shaped you as an individual? How have they impacted your life?


  1. Hi Lizzy. I saw your comment on Kiersten's blog and thought I'd pay a visit. Your blog is nice and this post is especially impressive. You show self-awareness and insight. I agree with your points, only it took me more years to learn them. Best wishes.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words :) Best wishes to you too!

  2. beautiful words! great post!