My 90's Childhood

Reminiscing about my 90's childhood is one of my favorite things to discuss. I've even got a Pinterest board dedicated to remembering my childhood! I've decided to compile a list (mostly for my own nostalgic gratification) of the things I particularly enjoyed or remember during my childhood. Please share with me the things that you remember from when you were growing up!

Glitter batons, tamagotchis, beanie babies, polly pockets, yoyos, adjustable fisher price roller-skates, water ring games, velcro catch game, blo pens, bumble balls, gel pens, MASH writing game, viewmaster, cats cradle, French skipping, hit clips, slinkys, pogs, gooey aliens, fashion plates, post office toy, ballerina jewelry boxes, fun fax, screwball scramble, my beloved Gameboy b&w, art sets. 

Glitter Batons, Fisher Price Skates, Fashion Plates, Gooey UFO, Ballerina Jewelry Box, Screwball Scramble, Viewmaster.
TV Programmes
X change, round the twist, smart, kerching, the queens nose, the demon headmaster, recess, rugrats, the wild thornberrys, sweet valley high, mona the vampire, the lampies, the ghost hunter, fun house, the moomins, SM:tv live. 

Baby-g watches, choker necklaces, snap bracelets, scrunchies, flares, lunch boxes, jelly shoes, braids, puffy paint for drawing on t shirts, temporary tattoos, clarks shoes, dungarees, bandannas, butterfly clips, tearaway popper tracksuit bottoms.

Baby-G Watch, Rainbow Brite Lunchbox, Butterfly Clips, Teraway Popper Tracksuit Bottoms, Scrunchies, Clarks Lightup Shoes, Snappers.
Whistle pops, pringle holders, bubble tape, party rings, sunny D, white aeros (really want these back), fruit roll-ups, um bongo, turkey twizzlers, curly fries, caramel apple pops, cereal with toys in, extra dissolving mint strips, fruit salad sweets, wham bars, pingu ice cream, taz chocolate bars, chocolate cigarettes, BN biscuits, skips, discos, sour polos, hubba bubba, cherry drops, wagon wheels, wonkas exploding chocolate (really want these back too!).
Tomb raider, roller-coaster tycoon, theme hospital. The sims, wolfenstein, theme park world, Kid Pix, Aladdin, red alert, prince of persia

See-through telephones, inflatable chairs/backpacks/everything, bath oil beads (loved the way these looked/felt!).

Does anyone else remember these?! What things do you remember from your childhood?


  1. Cool memories. You're so young!

  2. OMG! This is such a blast from the past, thank you! Did you gooey alien ever actually give birth, mine never would haha...

    Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

    1. I don't think it did.. I put my alien on the radiator as I was told this was how they gave birth but to no avail, haha!

  3. As a teenager of the 90s I was definitely guilty of some of those fashion items! Cringe!

    24 Hours From Home - Travel, Adventures and Beauty

    1. Ah me too, so cringey looking back on it!

  4. Snap bracelets! I loved those things. I probably remember music the most though. I still love listening to 90's stuff like the Gin Blossoms!

    1. I loved snap bracelets too, they were weirdly addictive to 'snap' :) Music is definitely a big one for me too. I always love finding a song i haven't heard since I was a child.