My Top 5 Travel Websites

1. Airbnb
Me and Mr Nomad love airbnb- a website where people rent out their homes for people to stay in. We have used it multiple times in different countries and have loved the ability to have a whole house with a kitchen (which saves us from eating out). It's also really nice to be surrounded by someone else's belongings like books; it really gives it a personal touch.  This is our go-to when it comes to finding accommodation when we are planning a trip away. There are some real bargains, especially in big cities where you pay a premium for hotels, or in remote locations that often lack hotels. You can sign up now and get a $28 off your first stay through mine and Mr Nomad's referral code

An example of a place we stayed in Ffestiniog, North Wales. Such a cute 2 bed-roomed cottage and only £35 a night.

Tripadvisor is another places we always check before we head to a restaurant, attraction or hotel. Whilst a restaurant may claim it is the best in the area, what do people who go actually make of it? Does a hotel actually look like the pictures that are on the website? Are there any tips when booking a hotel like asking for a room on the third floor with a view? Tripadvisor assists you with all of these questions. We have got into the habit of reviewing most hotels and restaurants we go to, ensuring we give credit where credit is due but also highlighting any improvements that can be made. 

Pinterest? I hear you ask, but yes- I always check here before we go somewhere. There's been a few places we discovered as a result of mooching on pinterest. Just make sure you check the places that are linked are accurate. For example, some pins have dead links or actually display somewhere very different to what the caption says. 

The Kelpies, Falkirk in Scotland. We found out about these via Pinterest.
The best place I have found to find flights. This website compares and finds the cheapest flights to wherever you search, displaying accurate and reliable deals. Many sites displaying flight deals are out of date which can be so infuriating. Also with skyscanner there is the ability to view a whole month rather than putting in specific dates which is really handy if you're not restricted by particular dates and want to find the cheapest available flights within a month time period.

If airbnb fails, then has been the best site for finding accommodation. Generally their rates are cheaper than others, but I do double check to make sure. 

Do you use any of these sites? What travel websites do you recommend? 

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