2014 Roundup

Apologies for the absence on Nomad Notebook as of late. This Christmas has been a little crazy with a last minute trip to Tasmania to spend Christmas with Mr. Nomad's family and then trying to organise jobs and car shopping since arriving back in Queensland. Thankfully things seem to have calmed down a little now and we've managed to purchase a car we're really happy with so it's been a good start to the new year.

This year has flown by for me (as many other fellow bloggers have mentioned!) and I can't quite believe it’s now 2015. It's been a great year for me, and quite life changing in a number of ways. I've lived with the person I want to spend the rest of my life with, graduated with a Masters degree and moved to the other side of the world. I like reminiscing over all the things that have happened throughout the course of the year so thought I would step back into blogging with a 2014 roundup post.


January started off quietly, with me and Mr. Nomad celebrating the new year at my mum's house after spending a lovely Christmas there. We went to Dublin in late January to sort out Mr. Nomad's visa at the UK embassy which was quite stressful and ended with him having to say an unexpected goodbye to me as I boarded the flight back to Manchester on my own and he went to Paris to renew his visa. 

Mango Wetherby

February saw our first Valentines Day together. We spent the evening at Mango Vegetarian Restaurant in Wetherby which was amazing. They also did so many gluten-free options which was great for me as I have Coeliac Disease. 

York Flooding

March was filled with essay writing for me and lots of rain in York. The city centre completely flooded making it impossible to walk along the river into town!

Age of Empires

April was also another month where we didn't seem to document much of what we got up to. However, we did manage to set up many LAN games between the desktop computer and Mr. Nomad's laptop to play Age of Empires, where as demonstrated above, I managed to beat him once! We both used to play this game as children so it was nice to reminisce and re-live the experience!

Chess by the river

In May we had really nice weather in York! We made the most of it by having lots of BBQ's by the river playing chess and soaking up the sun. We also went flexwing flying which was amazing. My mum got us the flights as Christmas presents which was great fun.

Alton Towers

For my birthday we went to Alton Towers and then Mr. Nomad surprised me with taking me for a romantic night away in Chesterfield and to Go Ape in Sherwood Forest. Little did he know that I had done a similar treetop adventure before (and may have hated it as it made my anxiety go off the wall!), but we still had fun. 


In July I got to introduce Mr. Nomad to the Dordogne region of France where I have spent a lot of my childhood as my parents used to have a house together there. We did lots of swimming and exploring and was so happy that he liked it as much as me. My mum has now bought a holiday house there so hopefully in the future we can spend more time at both my mum and dad's houses there. The only bad thing about the trip was on the way home we had a run in with immigration coming back from France to the UK which proved to be some of the worst 6 hours of my life. After 6 hours of interviews and tears, we were allowed to enter the UK together under the same visa as we initially wanted (they initially said Mr. Nomad would be on a boat back to France for them to send him to back to Australia as they didn't believe he was a genuine visitor to the UK) which filled me with anger and upset. It simply seems like we had caught the immigration officer on a day where she had a major bee in her bonnet. It was about this time that I also started to panic slightly about the lack of written work for my dissertation I had produced yet.

The Forbidden Corner

I spent most of August as a social recluse, only leaving the university library to work at my part time job and to sleep as I was working solidly on my dissertation. I actually started Nomad Notebook too in August in an attempt to escape from the monotonous style of dissertation writing. We managed to take one trip out to the Forbidden Corner in North Yorkshire which I highly recommend to anyone (just check out the amazing reviews if you don't believe me!) for my sister's birthday (its a massive maze/garden full of wobbly stepping stones, dead ends, sneaky fountains and hilarious tricks). August was also the month I got offered a PhD position for my proposed project which unfortunately I had to postpone and put on hold due to funding issues.


September saw the completion of my dissertation and subsequent hibernation to gain all the sleeping hours I had lost. I did my first collaboration on my blog with Thierry Mugler and started to have a few followers which was lovely. I also left my part time retail job and moved back home in preparation for our big move to Australia.

Climbing Snowdon

October was all about catching up with friends I hadn't seen whilst living in York and preparing for the big move. I went down to Northampton to see friends from France once more before we left and also caught up with university friends in London. Me and Mr. Nomad also did a roadtrip around North Wales and climbed Mount Snowdon.


We also did a roadtrip around Scotland in November which we both thoroughly enjoyed (even though it was typically raining 99% of the time). I also caught up with my university friends again for an early Christmas dinner get together and to say goodbye to them for the last time. I had the weird misfortune of running into George Galloway twice in one evening as I caught up with friends from back at home. The two most significant things of the year also happened in November, with me finding out that I gradated with a Masters of Distinction from the University of York and moving to Australia.


December was all about settling into Australia and trying to cope with the Brisbane heat! I experienced the worst storm of my life the second day of being in Australia with hail the size of golf balls destroying cars and buildings. I did my Christmas shopping in 35degree heat and found it difficult to get into the Christmassy spirit but enjoyed how the exposure to the sun was making me feel (back home I used to find the lack of vitamin D definitely had a negative impact on my mental well being). I also published my first piece of academic work and had the most lovely Christmas in Tasmania where the milder weather was most welcome!

2014 has genuinely been a life changing year and i'm really excited to see what 2015 brings.

What have been the highlights of your year?


  1. Mmmm I'm vegetarian so Mango sounds like just the restaurant for me. Hope you're able to cope better with the Brisbane heat.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    1. Mango was so good, and it was so odd being able to choose anything off the menu knowing it was all vegetarian! The Brisbane heat is definitely becoming more bearable :)

  2. You've had such a busy year!
    Hope 2015 is just as great :)

  3. This is such a cool post! your year looks awesome :D

  4. Omg I freaking LOVED Age of Empires back in the day!!! That is amazing that you guys got to play it! And congrats on your degree :]

  5. Age of Empires was (and still is) the bomb!