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Bunker Specialty Coffee Milton

Quite literally, a hole in the wall, Bunker Specialty Coffee boasts a unique setting to get your caffeine fix nestled among the streets of Milton. Set into an old WW2 air raid shelter climbing with vines, the bunker was made as part of 200 constructed by the Brisbane City Council. Not only is the setting unique (and something reminiscent from living back in the UK), but the coffee was also good. I got my usual flat white ($4.50) whilst Mr. Nomad got the full-cream triple shot iced coffee (also $4.50 and all made and bottled by themselves of course). Wherever possible they use organic products and offer Bonsoy for lactose intolerant customers with the option of agave nectar as a natural sweetener. It’s a simple formula- quirky location, good coffee and locally and organic sourced products where possible. We’d definitely go back and plan to take our fellow coffee connoisseurs with us.

21 Railway Terrace
Milton, QLD 4064

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What's the quirkiest coffee joint you've been to?


  1. Ah I do miss these quirky coffee places - there just aren't any similar ones in the UK! This looks so fab, and love they offer agave and soy! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. Australia definitely does quirky coffee places like no other place I've been to! Aussies love their caffeine!