9 Tips for Conquering New Job Nerves

Tips for Conquering New Job Nerves

This week I started my first 'proper' job, and it was goddamn scary. Whilst I've had plenty of part-time jobs in the past, this was the first job that actually relates to my degree and in the realm I want to work in. I've always been a shy and introverted person, so when it's come to job interviews I've always been nervous, but this was next level. My new job involves presenting (which has always played majorly with my anxiety, especially during university), but doing what makes you nervous and scared only helps you grow as a person, right? So here are a few tips I used to try calm my nerves when I was feeling completely nervous and anxious:

1. Fake confidence
Don't let everyone know that you're completely nervous; fake confidence and no one will ever know you're even nervous! I think this is especially important if you're in a job like me where you have to present in front of big groups of people. Remember that your employers were confident enough to give you the job, so have some confidence in yourself! 

2. Practice deep breathing
Focus on your breathing for a few minutes and take some deep breaths in and out. This really helps me when I feel like my heart is beating a million miles an hour, and relieves that 'I'm so nervous I feel sick' feeling. 

3. Be prepared
Being prepared will make you feel more confident. I made sure I left plenty of time to get to my new job which is a bit of a drive away, and made sure to take anything I might need.

4. Talk to other people
This might be really scary, but try and converse with other people. You'll establish work friendships a lot easier, and of course they will help you with any initial issues you have!

5. Go easy on yourself
Remind yourself that you will not be expected to know everything at the beginning. It's hard being thrown into a situation where everyone else seems to know what they're doing, but it will take time. It will become less daunting after a while.

6. Don't expect the worst
I'm really bad for being pessimistic about situations when i'm really nervous, but try and channel your inner voice to tell you "what if they do actually really like me?". I can assure you think things won' go horribly wrong, so what's the point worrying about it?

7. Wear clothes you're comfortable in
This was something that made me feel a bit more confident. I went out and bought some clothes specifically for my first day as I wanted people to take me seriously and I wanted to feel professional in my appearance. 

8. Use your initiative
If you don't know the answer to something, have a bit of a search yourself before asking. At least if you still can't find the answer, you can say "I tried X, X and X but still couldn't find X", instead of asking for help every time you run into an issue.

9. Try and enjoy it!
The first hour or so was so scary for me, but once I got over those initial nerves of not knowing how it was going to go, I became more confident and actually enjoyed it a little. Try and hold onto these moments of enjoyment so you'll feel more confident the next time.

Here are just a few of my tips for conquering new job nerves, I'd love to know your tips!

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  1. Some great advice! I tend to 'fake' confidence alot, so I'm always surprised to hear when my friends ask me why I have such confidence with people. I still feel quite shy at times but I'm definitely getting there! I think it's good to remember that people are always so wrapped up in their own bubble thinking about how they themselves are perceived rather than thinking too much about their perceptions of you :) A great post! x