The Best 90's PC Games

Oh nostalgia, how I love to dwell on the memories you give me. Luckily for me, Mr. Nomad really loves reminiscing as well so at least he knows my frustration when I can picture a game I used to play in my head but have totally forgotten the name of it- there's one I specifically remember playing with my best friend in primary school on her computer which involved a bunch of scientists that had to survive on either another planet or an island. My memory ends there unfortunately! Here are a few of my favorite games I used to play as a 90's child who was obsessed with the computer.

1. Theme Hospital- The one I still play now. I even learnt how to use cheats and would play the bonus levels where you would have to shoot as many rats as you could.

2. Command and Conqueror: Red Alert- The game none of the boys would let me play (I was only allowed to spectate). It involved building a 'base' and from what I gathered was pretty similar to Age of Empires.

3. Prince of Persia- I only got to play this when I went to my mum's work as it was on her classroom computer (she used to be a special needs teacher). I used to alternate between playing this and playing pinball as our computer at home didn't have it.

4. Wolfenstein- The game that divided my mum and dad. Whilst my mum hated the game so much I used to listen out for her footsteps and quickly hit Esc, my dad was impressed that I managed to find it on the second hand computer and use MS DOS to start it up. My mum was unable at this point to delete computer programs which worked in my favor. It was basically a first person shooter and involved killing Nazi soldiers in a castle full of swastika flags- very odd and I was way too young to understand any of this, but I managed to complete it!

5. Roller Coaster Tycoon- I fell in love with Roller Coaster Tycoon when I went to my cousin's house at Christmas and they'd just got the game. When I got home I purchased it ASAP and loved it to pieces. This soon led me on to getting Theme Park World on both the PlayStation 1 and PC. I soon got acquainted with making the fries/chip shops use extra salt to make customers buy more drinks, and got well acquainted with the picker tool and drowning some of the visitors in the lakes, ha!

6. Simon the Sorcerer- One of my dad's friends got this for me but unfortunately it was a little too difficult as I was so young. Even so, I did really enjoy it. It was a point and click game which i'm sure could only be completed by the whiz kids.

7. The Sims- Ah The Sims, the basis of most 90's kids childhood. I still love it now, and don't think i'll ever fall out of love with it. I managed to pick up a load of expansion packs from a car boot sale in the UK and have rekindled my love for the game. Unfortunately I could never afford the expansion packs but my friends got them as soon as they were released so I quickly learnt the trick of installing the new expansion pack (with serial code) and then installing the one I had over it so I didn't need the new discs to play it! Oh the things you would do as a child.

8. Kid Pix- This was on my primary school computers which we were allowed on for about half an hour once a year. And trust me, those 30mins were the best ever at school- you could do amazing doodles and shapes. It was basically a glammed up version of MS Paint, and it was THE BOMB!


9. Age of Empires- I loved and still love this game. Mr. Nomad also enjoys it so we play co-op against the computer *ahem geeks*. I got pretty good at this as a child, and somehow I've managed to remember most of the controls etc which has come in handy when I play against Mr. Nomad.

10. Tomb Raider- Lara, oh Lara, how I love you! You basically shaped my whole childhood from the camo trousers I got my mum to buy me from Millets to the crop tops. She taught me that being a 'tomboy' was both cool and more importantly acceptable. I've spent so many enjoyable hours on this game including doing the assault course, getting to the middle of the maze and of course locking the butler in the fridge.

11. Theme Park World- Me and my friends played this a lot when we had sleepovers. We'd stay up for hours hoping we'd be rewarded the precious golden tickets which would give us the golden keys to unlock new worlds. It was actually pretty difficult and took a lot of work!

12. No One Lives Forever- Another game that still appeals to me and in a way was a more up-to-date version of Tomb Raider. Set in the 1960's, it includes lots of funky outfits and swanky locations for shootouts and missions as well as being an attractive female protagonist, Cate Archer, who has cool things like exploding lipsticks. What's there not to love really?

And don't even get me started on Worms or Lemmings. I was useless at both and blame the fact they were both based on small creatures.

What were your favorite PC games as a child? Do you still play them now?

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  1. Theme Hospital and Theme Park World were definitely my favourites, along with the Harry Potter PC games series which I used to play on those rare nights when the family computer was totally free because my older sister was out!
    I had forgotten all about KidPix! I used to love that program in school..
    Fab blog post xx