The Start of our Record Collection

My parents, especially my mum, has always had an extensive record collection since being a teenager. I remember as a child watching her lift the dust cover and putting her record of choice (usually Sister Sledge or Hendrix) on the turntable and lifting the tonearm and placing it on the record. There was something so good about the crackling of the record and the authenticity of it. 

Until this day, mine and my mum's music taste has always been pretty similar. I've been lucky in bring brought up with parents with a great taste in music (I think anyway!), and have such fond memories of us all listening to Bob Marley, James Brown and The Beach Boys. With that being said, a lot of my music taste is pretty old school, and me and Mr. Nomad have always liked the idea of having our own record player. Whilst he's not into a lot of the old classics like I am, he has collected quite a few Foo Fighters and The Killers records which he's keen to be able to play. 

With that being said, having just moved to Australia armed with just a suitcase of belongings, we have been scouring some local garage sales the past few weekends to pick up some bargains for when we eventually move into our own place. I hit gold last weekend when I finally found two records I wanted which would kick off our record collection together. Usually the ones in charity/op shops are pretty bad (think Christmas carols and Rod Stewart) but garage sales seem to be the place to pick up some decent beats! I'm so looking forward to adding to the Pink Floyd and Al Green album we found last weekend.

Do you have a record collection or memories of your parents listening to them as a child?


  1. I have dozens of vinyl records from my teenage years in the Seventies. Al Green is wonderful. And I've listened to Dark Side Of The Moon more times than I can count. It's fun to shop for records at garage sales and wonder what fate will put in our hands.

  2. I have a couple of records and there really is something special about the sound of them <3

  3. Completely agree Jennie, there really is something authentic special about the sound of records :)

  4. Ah, i'm so jealous! I really wish I had a collection as extensive as you. Al Green really is wonderful and Pink Floyd will never get old. Really hoping to get my hands on some James Brown and Hendrix ones sometime soon, that would be my dream!