10 Reasons Why I Love Travelling

10 reasons why I love travelling

1. It's personally challenging- I remember my first international solo trip (minus going to France) during my gap year when I decided upon being told I wasn't medically able to go to South Africa, to go to Australia. It felt so liberating but also scary doing it solo. Freshly 18, I had only travelled to Europe and America, and had never decided to do something so big on my own. Anxiety has been a big struggle for me and it was such a big challenge to do it, but I did somehow, and it's led to meeting my future husband (I hope..!) and living in Australia now. Although I was so upset I couldn't go to South Africa, it was the best decision I ever made.

2. It's helped me to find myself- A cliche, but somehow being somewhere completely different really gets you to understand the core of who you really are. When you're not surrounded by familiar things, and armed just with your thoughts and yourself, you become more aware of what is important to you in life.

3. The food- I couldn't go without mentioning food. Gosh, do you know how much I love food? Even as a vegetarian and coeliac I love trying new food and eating local produce. There's nothing I love more than exploring French farmers markets or seeking out the best coffee joints when i'm travelling.

Australia breakfast

4. Getting to experience new cultures- The world is so big and full of different things, it's so interesting and exciting to explore. Sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in your narrow day-to-day life and forget how diverse the world is, and it's pretty amazing!

5. Seeing the world's natural beauty- The world is such a beautiful place. I often find I become immune to appreciating it, and travel really reminds me of how jaw dropping it really is. My memories of growing up every summer in the South West of France are full of snaking rivers, sunflower fields and beautiful old buildings. Then I went to Tasmania and saw Australian landscapes at their finest and was blown away at that too. 

Gordons Dam Tasmania

6. It recharges my batteries- It reminds me of why I work so hard and hope to do well in life so I can explore the world. There's nothing more motivating than the idea of travelling far and wide.

7. Meeting new people- Every journey you make you'll meet new people, and although you won't always stay in contact there's always something you learn from them. One of my childhood best friends lives in France, and i'll forever appreciate the memories we had together as children and teenagers. Unfortunately we don't get to see each other as much anymore, but having friends around the world is awesome.

8. It renews my love for home- It's often easy to forget what you love about home. Since moving to Australia, I miss feeling cold, having that warm and cosy Christmas (it's just not the same in the sun), the cheapness of food and the history! When I next go back I'm definitely going to appreciate these little things!

9. The new experiences you wouldn't otherwise try- I wouldn't have jumped off a bridge into a river as a child, canoed and kayaked hundreds of times, climbed and abseiled, cuddled a koala or driven on the other side of the road if I hadn't have been travelling!

10. Staying in local accommodation and experiencing the local lifestyle- Me and M love staying in AirBnB accommodation which allows you to get a feel for local living without paying the massive hotel prices. Often it's much better value too! It really gives you a feel for how people life around the world.

AirBnB Lake District

What do you love about travelling?


  1. Kyriam |effervescent life by K21 April 2015 at 12:25

    experiencing new cultures and seeing wonderful landscapes are def on my list ! x

  2. Personally challenging is so true! I am always freaking out when I travel, somehow I hope it's made me into a stronger person haha.

  3. Yay for traveling! Traveling has totally changed my life in so many ways, from where my life path went after my first trip to how I view the world, traveling is just the best thing ever!

  4. Totally agree Kaelene! Traveling really is the bomb dot com :)

  5. Definitely Jane! I know traveling has tested me in so many ways, it's impossible for it to not make you a stronger person!

  6. Agreed Kyriam- experiencing new cultures and seeing wonderful landscapes are such great things about traveling!