5 Small things that make me happy #1

1. Chocolate in cute packaging. From cute bunnies to koalas, it makes the chocolate taste better. As a child I would savor and ration my one egg that Easter bunny had got me and it would last me months. Although Australian chocolate doesn't taste as nice as British chocolate due to the anti-melting agent, I still found it really fun to marvel over the cute designs this year.

2. Escaping in the world of Hogwarts. Recently we watched all the DVD's and had a massive Harry Potter marathon which was so fun. It really does bring back so many childhood memories as I grew up with the books. I recently purchased all the books from a garage sale which i'm really looking forward to reading when I get the chance. 

3. Getting my contact lenses in the first time. Do you know how long I spend attempting this?! I've recently started buying monthly contact lenses after testing out daily ones and I really like them but some days I have no luck in getting them in. On the days when my eyes are cooperating I almost high-five myself when I get them in first time as it can be such an annoyance.

4. Having a good cup of tea. You know when you just really need one and it tastes just right? Yeah, that feeling. I've managed to source Yorkshire Tea here in Australia which i'm eternally grateful for. Hurrah globalisation! You can take the girl out of Yorkshire but you certainly cannot take the Yorkshire out of the girl! 

5. A perfect nights sleep. When you wake up and feel fully rested and ready to conquer the world. This rarely happens for me as I have trouble sleeping, but when it does happen it's amazing!

What are the small things that are making you happy at the moment?


  1. Definitely appreciate a good nights sleep as well! Definitely try and get some Whittakers chocolate - it is a kiwi one but you can usually find it in Aussie supermarkets too, SO good. Like the favourite chocolate ever!!xx

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Nothing beats a good cup of tea. I buy strong black tea imported from Ireland.

  3. Definitiely agree with you there! There is nothing better than tea :)