10 Random Facts About Me

10 random facts about me

1. I once met Rolf Harris in a French supermarket, and I used to think this was the best random fact ever... heh.

2. My mum used to cut my hair really short when I was young, and in the playground at school people would ask me if I was a girl or boy.

Me with purple dungarees and sporting my short hair.For some reason I was eating Jumplo..
3. I have coeliac disease and idiopathic pancreatitis.

4. I've been a vegetarian since birth.

5. I used to have a blog during my first year at university. I got 200 followers I think, and it was before many bloggers became noticed by the media i.e when Zoella used to comment on my blog etc!

6. I secretly want to move to the South of France where I've spent most of my holidays as a child, but as it is so isolated i'm not sure how well I would cope, but there's something romantic about living a simple life in the middle of nowhere!

7. I have a undergraduate and Masters degree, and hopefully should be starting a PhD soon (all depending on if I am successful in getting a full scholarship as an international student!).

8. I currently live in Queensland, Australia, but was born in West Yorkshire in a little UNESCO village. I miss the rolling hills and old buildings, but love Australia's warmer weather and the ability to go swimming 90% of the year!

Home in the UK.

9. I'm a secret lover of the gym, and in my final year of university got really fit and was going to the gym at least 5 times a week. Sadly those days are long gone- I can't wait until I can justify a gym membership again!

10. Me and my boyfriend love to pick up the PS3 or our laptops and have a good co-op session playing games. Our favorite is normally Age of Empires!

Me and Mr. Nomad (photogenic as ever!).

Tell me a random fact about you! 


  1. I stopped blogging about 3 years before Zoella started, so unfortunately I don't have the same claim to fame :(. However, it is lovely to come across other people who used to blog 'back in the day' before it became something that some people start purely to make money. I feel like there was a lot more passion in things then!

  2. Sometimes I miss those old-school blogging days! xx

  3. Can't beat the weather in Queensland- middle of winter and we were on the beach this week. Loved hearing more about you!

  4. Loved learning more about you. I have Celiac Disease and am vegan. =]

  5. Thanks Kate! Wahoo, high5! I don't think I've ever really come across another coeliac/vegan or vegetarian. We're definitely a minority :)

  6. Gah, me too. I actually think I followed your blog all those many moons ago- I really wish I hadn't have deleted my account to try and find all the old blogs I used to follow. I completely neglected all the ones I followed half way through uni, then found my blog and had a little melt down about how embarrassed I was with my old posts and deleted my Google account! x

  7. Ah, that sucks- blogging certainly was a different kettle of fish back in the day hey. I really miss all the old blogs I used to follow and all the people I used to connect with back then. No idea what any of them are up to now as I deleted my Google account that I followed them all on!