My Travel Personality

Solo in Australia!
Holidaying By Myself- the over planner
This comes down to my anxiety, and thinking if I can plan things, I will feel more comfortable when traveling. When I first traveled to Australia solo, everything was meticulously planned; I was always armed with a map and had EVERYTHING written down so I wouldn’t get lost! In actual fact, I never really end up using all the things I plan as I find I don't need them, but I feel so much more comfortable knowing I have them there if I do need them.

Holidaying With M- the researcher and most adventurous
When traveling with M, I’m normally the researcher- the one that comes up with a list of things I want to do and visit. This will then be run past M in terms of logistics- can we get there, is it worth the trip, how much does it cost, what is the most efficient way of getting there. He’s very good at organising all of this, but often the things we end up enjoying have been things I’ve found in my research stage. I'm also a lot more adventurous when traveling with him as he helps me to push my boundaries.
Exploring Port Arthur in Tasmania with M

Climbing Snowdon with M
Holidaying With Friends- the go with the flow one
I am a very ‘go with the flow’ type of traveler when surrounded by multiple friends- I was definitely this way when I went away with the girls to Mallorca. If a majority want to do something, I will often go along with it. Perhaps this makes me come across as slightly boring, but I'm content with it. If I'm traveling just with one friend like when I went to Paris with my friend from Uni, we both planned what we wanted to do together and honestly it was all 50/50 in terms of what we did.

Mallorca with the girls

Paris with a uni friend

Holidaying With family- the organiser
I’m definitely a researcher and organiser when it comes to traveling with family. With me being more ‘in touch’ with the internet, I normally spend a long time coming up with a list of places I think me and the family will enjoy in the area (this includes spending a lot of time browsing Pinterest!). I will then spend time looking for insider tips such as cheap accommodation (usually AirBnB!) and off the beaten track places to visit.

Barcelona with my mum
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What is your travel personality? Let me know!


  1. I can totally relate to you with most of the things that you have said! When I went on holiday to Tenerife with one of my best friends it was 50/50 with us both doing what we wanted and the same with my boyfriend! but he definitely brings out the more adventurous side of me when travelling but then I think we both bring out that side in each other! I dont think that I would be able to holiday by myself especially to somewhere like Australia! xx

  2. I second you on the travel research - just knowing what there is to do makes me a heck of a lot happier - especially when you've spent all those dollars on flights...!

  3. Definitely! I love researching before going away :) It saves so much time when you actually get there too!

  4. Haha, definitely! My boyfriend always pushes me out of my comfort zone slightly which is good, and I hope he would say the same about me! I honestly didn't think I'd be able to travel on my own as I have pretty bad anxiety, but I somehow managed to do it so I'm sure you could!