The Finders Keepers Market | Brisbane

A few weeks ago we explored the Finders Keepers Market which a welcome surprise after the crowds of the Brisbane's Story Bridge 75th birthday event. The market hosts over 100 independent art and design stalls in the Old Museum in the Bowen Hills area, just down the road from where we live. On the walk back home from the Story Bridge event, we decided to stroll through Fortitude Valley & China Town and check out what the Finders Keepers Market had to offer.
The market was a pleasant surprise, with lots going on but with a very low key and chilled out vibe. You could really tell there had been a lot of time put into the curation of the event, with great attention to detail and effective use of outside and inside space.

We explored the many different stalls before checking out the wide array of food and drink on offer. The stalls were mainly clothing/jewellry and home-ware. Whilst we didn't purchase anything (we can't really justify buying anything whilst we still live with family!), we saw so many lovely baby outfits, delicate jewellry pieces, bow ties and terrariums.
We then headed to the food and drink outside, with M settling for a Byron Bay beer, and me with some sweet potato fries from Chip Tease which were so good! They had a wide variety of sauces to choose from and I went for the peri peri mayonnaise in an attempt to relive my university Nando addiction days (and it was good- the real deal, not like those massive cheap bottles of sauce you can buy). 
We sat in the shade and took in the surroundings- there was music playing, children running around and dancing, and it was so relaxing- the perfect way to end our day. I would definitely recommend the market which is held twice a year- the next one is in November for the spring/summer event. The markets are also hosted in Sydney and Melbourne which is awesome!
What's the best market you've ever been to?


  1. Ohhh, I so wanted to go, but unfortunately the entire family was taken down with a head cold.

    Also, how great are Chip Tease?! I caught them last week at the food truck gathering in Windsor. The best!

  2. What a lovely day out, I'm aaaaalll over sweet potato anything. I totally wish more places did sweet potato mash!

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