IKEA Wishlist #2

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you'll know I've been going a little crazy over IKEA recently. With us currently living with a relative, and shortly helping him sell and move house (and move with him elsewhere), it's been nice to get a thing or two to make our room feel a little more 'ours'. When you're living in someone else's house it's difficult to really feel at home.

I honestly cannot wait to move into our own place (although living with family paying a cheaper rent is definitely saving us money), just so we can make somewhere completely our own. Here are a few things I've been lusting over in IKEA!

 1. Dukning 2.  Brusali 3. Godmorgon 4. Cactaceae 5. Malm 6. Jamnt 7. Hofta 8. Pokal 9. Malm 10. Tarta Mandel
Like everyone else and their dog, I'm into minimalist decor with splashes of colour from furnishings. Also, every time we head to Ikea I have to buy some food as they're pretty good as supplying gluten-free food! Tarta Mandel is amazing for any fellow coeliacs out there, or anyone really- it's full of almonds and is so tasty!

Do you like IKEA? Is there anything you've been lusting over recently?

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