10 Things I Miss About Living In The UK

1. Feeling cold
Oh sweet coldness. The closest I have got to feeling cold is having to put a proper duvet on the bed instead of a sheet. I bought myself a dressing gown which I'm currently wearing, but who am I kidding? I'm wearing the most summery PJ's underneath anyway! I just miss layering clothes and snuggling up with a blanket and watching TV ya know!

2. The BBC and British TV in general
The UK has always had the best TV programmes I've seen in the world. Over here in Australia I cannot rely on just 'putting on the TV and finding something to watch' when I feel like kicking back. In fact, I hardly ever watch TV over here, instead opting for watching a film or tv series we have on DVD. Some of my most missed programmes are of course, GBBO, Dragons Den, Made In Chelsea (guilty pleasure..), Strictly... the list goes on!

3. The sound of rain
Never thought I would say this, but the sound of rain is something I really miss. On the odd occasion that it does rain, I love just laying on my bed and listening to it. I'm aware I sound absolutely batty, and I honestly couldn't have been quicker to get away from the constant rain in the UK, but I do miss it!

4. High Street Stores
I do miss the diversity of high street stores in the UK. I've yet to find shops here that I really love. H&M and TopShop are pretty few and far between, and most others I find tend to focus on younger teen fashion. I feel like my wardrobe has become SO boring since arriving here; I've been opting for anything at all that keeps me semi-cool in the summer, then jeans and a tee in the winter.

5. Decent Indian and Pakistani Food
Coming from Bradford, I've been spoilt for choice when it came to food. I've yet to find anywhere that even comes close to the curry from home (and the price!). At home I can get my favorite authentic curry, rice, pakoras and barfi for less then ten quid. Here it costs double that and doesn't taste even half as good. I swear whenever I next make it back to the UK I will be running to my local curry house!

6. Chocolate
I never really thought I was a chocolate lover, but the chocolate here in Australia is hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. It tastes odd and just doesn't give me that chocolate fix that everyone requires from time to time! However, I have found these amazing vegan/gluten-free etc 'mintons'. They are amazing!

7. British politeness
However much we get mocked for our politeness, I have actually grown to like it. Australians can be quite brash at times and it's taken quite a long time to get used to, and even now sometimes I get taken aback. M always said he really liked how polite I was, and now I kind of understand why.

8. The NHS
Whenever I travel to any part of the world, I always seem to come back feeling appreciative of the NHS. However much people complain about it, it's bloody good and we're lucky to have it. The Australian system is actually pretty good, although most people opt for private healthcare over here which is still a concept I'm trying to get used to. I've been admitted to hospital in both Tasmania and Mallorca, and honestly the NHS is still up there as the best in my opinion. The first thing they ask you in A&E in the UK is 'what's the matter?' rather than 'can I see your Medicare card please?' when in excruciating pain.

9. The Seasons
However much I love being able to swim in December, I wish the seasons matched the UK. At Christmas, it is supposed to be cold. I wish I could snuggle up on the sofa watching Bridget Jones/Love Actually/ELF/The Snowman etc when in actual fact, there is nothing more you want to do than lie in the spot with the most air con so you don't drown in your own sweat. Now there's a lovely image for you all. Oh and Christmas jumpers. How the hell do you wear a Christmas jumper in 40+ heat!? I'm sorry Australia, but save your sweltering heat for July, not December.

10. Decent fish and chips
I don't eat fish as I'm a veggie and coeliac, but it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that we discovered the first decent place to get fish and chips. And guess what, it's Irish! Normally over here they don't have proper sea salt and absolutely no vinegar on chips (madness!). Thank god we found O'Connor's! We never even really had them in the UK, but once you can't get something it suddenly becomes an itch you can't scratch until you find it! I'm now thinking about chips, at 12:23am.

What do you miss or would you miss when living abroad? On assessment, 3 of these things are food-related which pretty much sums me up!

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