My Female Childhood Rolemodels

The other day I was thinking about who I looked up to when I was growing up. I definitely struggled finding people I identified with- I spent most of my spare time playing football or sardines with my friends who lived on my street (who were all boys), or playing The Sims, Theme Hospital or Rollercoaster Tycoon with my girl group of primary school friends, who to be honest, were all pretty nerdy like me. We all liked reading Jacqueline Wilson and Philip Pulman books, collecting pogs and going swimming. None of us were particularly 'girly' and I was definitely into sports in a big way (I was insistent along with 2 other girls in year 5 and 6 to be allowed in the boy's football team in primary school). I wasn't into Barbies, Polly Pockets (although I did have her mansion and camper van which were quite cool), Boyzone or Atomic Kitten.

It's funny as you grow older you find yourself reminiscing and remembering things in your past and it's really allowed me to see the random characters and people that shaped me growing up. I really hope if I ever end up having a daughter of my own that she will be exposed to alternative role-models aside from the mass commercialised toys that seem to dominate chilren's lives these days. I will forever be grateful for my parents allowing me to pursue and be interested in anything I wanted, without any gendered stereotypes shaping what was pushed onto me. Looking back, these are probably the 4 role-models that shaped my childhood the most:

Lara Croft
Lara Croft was and still is my role-model. I dread to think how many hours I spent playing Tomb Raider over the duration of my childhood. Locking the butler in the freezer anyone? I even went as far as purchasing a set of green and blue camouflage trousers and crop tops. I looked borderline ridiculous but they were my favorite outfits ever! Yes the films are crappy, and the story behind Tomb Raider has changed significantly over the years, but she is always portrayed as confident, athletic, intellectual and independent- basically what I still aspire to be!
Tracy Beaker
As I mentioned, me and my friends loved Jacqueline Wilson books and would always borrow them off each other. Some of my favorite books were The Illustrated Mum, The Dare Game, The Bed and Breakfast Star and The Lottie Project. To be honest I can't actually believe she's still publishing books- what a hero! Tracey Beaker always resonated with me as she was strong willed and had big dreams despite her upbringing, and of course, she was into football like me! FYI you can check Jacqueline's website book library here and reminisce about all the books you read!
Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice was someone I looked up to a little later as a young teenager. She was intellectual and although quite judgmental (which I think we all are!), she was also witty and bold. She went against the will of her mother and Katherine and followed her heart. She also questions Darcy which takes great courage as a female in the book. Her flaws made her really identifiable and just goes to show that following your heart is always the right thing to do. As you can probably tell, I still love her now!
Hermione Granger
Probably one of the most common role models among women my age, but she's a good egg. She's intellectual and always has good intentions. She always puts 101% effort into everything and I admired that in her character. Books are cool, people! And knowledge is 1 million percent power.
Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys
Probably slightly weird, but I LOVED watching The Wild Thornberrys. Eliza was pretty fearless, and I loved how she was happy to just go on her own adventures. It reminded me a lot of me and my best friend in France during the summer holidays making tree houses, running through corn crops and pissing French farmers off when we ruined their straw hay bails! Anyone know if it's still around?

I'd love to know in the comments who your role models were growing up! 

A List of Every Job I've Ever Had

I always find it really interesting to find out the different career paths of people and how they got to where they are, so thought I would share my employment history thus far! Throughout my life I've pretty much always had a job. Financially I've always been pretty independent from my parents so getting a job was always something I wanted from a young age. Although there's been some hurdles along the way,  I've learnt so much from all my jobs. Please let me know in the comments the best and worst jobs you've had! I'm nosey like that :)

1. Babysitter
This is the first proper job I remember having aside from cleaning and gardening I used to do for my parents when I was really young. I used to babysit my neighbour's children most weekends. It was a pretty good job, although it wasn't very reliable and often the person I would babysit for would phone up last minute expecting me to be able to babysit which was difficult. Whilst I love children, and for the most part they behaved, one had pretty difficult behavioral problems for someone so young as me to deal with which ultimately made me dislike the job. It was also expected that I would look after neighbours kid's who would come over whilst I was babysitting too which was always a little awkward. Overall, this was a good job and I would advise any teenager to do it as it is great pocket money, but it was difficult!

2. Nannying
Every summer me and my family would go to our holiday house in the South West of France and I would babysit and nanny children who were also there on holiday (and sometimes French children whose families we knew). This was a great job as it meant I could pay for petrol and outings without spending any of my savings whilst I was there. The families I worked for were really nice, and most had multiple children which meant I got paid more. I had this job for pretty much every annual summer holiday in France. However, one of the best things about nannying French families was unlimited access to...Orangina!

3. Sales Assistant at a bakery
Unfortunately this was probably my worst job that I've ever had. During my gap year before stating university I needed to save money to travel to Australia. At the time, there were NO jobs at all in the place that I lived- it was pretty horrendous. After finally finding a job advertised for a shop down the road from me where I could walk to work, I was ready to nail the interview. I was successful in the interview, however they placed me in the shop in the city centre of the city I lived.. this meant I couldn't any longer walk to work and would have to drive which was a real pain as one of the main reasons I applied for the job in the first place was because it was so close to home. However, what was worst about the job was the management. One of the team leaders would make advances to some of the younger girls including myself whilst working there, and the management as a whole was so poor that there wasn't the support there to complain (the irony was his girlfriend worked in a shop opposite the on we were working in!). The working conditions were awful too- everyone was overworked without having sufficient breaks, and as the shop was in a bus station without heating, it was freezing and they wouldn't let us wear jumpers. In three words: WORST JOB EVER! However... I think everyone should have a stint at working in retail. It makes you appreciate just how hard people work, and teaches you so many life lessons!

4. Team member at an award winning museum/attraction
Whilst at university I worked at a local museum/attraction on Sundays and doing the odd evening shift for events, especially around Christmas. The role involved so many different things; catering, ticketing, operating a ride simulator, doing tours, working in the gift shop and working in the planetarium and giving presentations. The job was never boring, and I really liked it aside from the evening events which were at times extremely stressful and sometimes finished at 3 in the morning (which wasn't great when you had uni or you had to drive back home during the holidays which was 2.5hrs away!). However, in terms of experience it was an awesome job as there were so many roles you had to undertake. I actually took this job over a John Lewis one I was offered.. so that goes to show really how good it was.

5. Customer service assistant at a supermarket
I had this job whilst doing my Masters degree in York. It was also a great job, although sometimes I found the hours a little long (16 hours per week) when trying to fit in all my studying, but something had to pay the bills! The working times were also pretty poor- on Saturdays I worked from 6am to 2pm which was always a struggle on those cold winter mornings, and on Sundays I worked 3pm-11pm which I found exhausting. The weekends were always the busiest times in the store (it was a small convenience store), so we were often overworked. However, what made it good was the people I worked with who were great and I am still friends with now and the fact it was just around the corner from where I lived so I could walk there!

6. University tutor
When I arrived in Australia I was pretty keen to get started with a job and I managed to score myself a university tutoring job conducting seminars, marking assignments and giving lectures. This was the first job I had relating to my university degrees and I really enjoyed it in comparison to my previous unskilled jobs, which made me realise I definitely chose the right degree and that I never want to work in retail ever again! Unfortunately I had to leave this job due to my visa working conditions after 6 months, which was a shame as they offered me another job there, but i'm hoping to take this up once we have sorted my next visa out. Another great thing about this job was that it gave me the experience to be able to run my own little successful business once I left. 

7. Self employed freelance copywriter and proofreader
This is the job I kind of fell into when I had to give up my previous job. I never thought I would be self-employed, but this is the job I have now and I really love it. It gives me the flexibility that I have never had before and has given me another string to my bow in relation to my degree. I'm hoping my little business will become more established as I gain more clients as I have been really enjoying it. Soon it will be coming up to 6 months of being self-employed and it has been amazing!

What is your employment history like? What have been your worst/best jobs?