My Female Childhood Rolemodels

The other day I was thinking about who I looked up to when I was growing up. I definitely struggled finding people I identified with- I spent most of my spare time playing football or sardines with my friends who lived on my street (who were all boys), or playing The Sims, Theme Hospital or Rollercoaster Tycoon with my girl group of primary school friends, who to be honest, were all pretty nerdy like me. We all liked reading Jacqueline Wilson and Philip Pulman books, collecting pogs and going swimming. None of us were particularly 'girly' and I was definitely into sports in a big way (I was insistent along with 2 other girls in year 5 and 6 to be allowed in the boy's football team in primary school). I wasn't into Barbies, Polly Pockets (although I did have her mansion and camper van which were quite cool), Boyzone or Atomic Kitten.

It's funny as you grow older you find yourself reminiscing and remembering things in your past and it's really allowed me to see the random characters and people that shaped me growing up. I really hope if I ever end up having a daughter of my own that she will be exposed to alternative role-models aside from the mass commercialised toys that seem to dominate chilren's lives these days. I will forever be grateful for my parents allowing me to pursue and be interested in anything I wanted, without any gendered stereotypes shaping what was pushed onto me. Looking back, these are probably the 4 role-models that shaped my childhood the most:

Lara Croft
Lara Croft was and still is my role-model. I dread to think how many hours I spent playing Tomb Raider over the duration of my childhood. Locking the butler in the freezer anyone? I even went as far as purchasing a set of green and blue camouflage trousers and crop tops. I looked borderline ridiculous but they were my favorite outfits ever! Yes the films are crappy, and the story behind Tomb Raider has changed significantly over the years, but she is always portrayed as confident, athletic, intellectual and independent- basically what I still aspire to be!
Tracy Beaker
As I mentioned, me and my friends loved Jacqueline Wilson books and would always borrow them off each other. Some of my favorite books were The Illustrated Mum, The Dare Game, The Bed and Breakfast Star and The Lottie Project. To be honest I can't actually believe she's still publishing books- what a hero! Tracey Beaker always resonated with me as she was strong willed and had big dreams despite her upbringing, and of course, she was into football like me! FYI you can check Jacqueline's website book library here and reminisce about all the books you read!
Pride and Prejudice's Elizabeth
Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice was someone I looked up to a little later as a young teenager. She was intellectual and although quite judgmental (which I think we all are!), she was also witty and bold. She went against the will of her mother and Katherine and followed her heart. She also questions Darcy which takes great courage as a female in the book. Her flaws made her really identifiable and just goes to show that following your heart is always the right thing to do. As you can probably tell, I still love her now!
Hermione Granger
Probably one of the most common role models among women my age, but she's a good egg. She's intellectual and always has good intentions. She always puts 101% effort into everything and I admired that in her character. Books are cool, people! And knowledge is 1 million percent power.
Eliza from The Wild Thornberrys
Probably slightly weird, but I LOVED watching The Wild Thornberrys. Eliza was pretty fearless, and I loved how she was happy to just go on her own adventures. It reminded me a lot of me and my best friend in France during the summer holidays making tree houses, running through corn crops and pissing French farmers off when we ruined their straw hay bails! Anyone know if it's still around?

I'd love to know in the comments who your role models were growing up! 

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